Join us for fun and games at one of our two great locations in beautiful West Auckland, just 30 minutes from town. We provide the venue, refreshments and food. Our team building partner Let Me Out organises and runs the outdoor and indoor activities. It’s the easy way to build your team and improve togetherness.


Choose from a series of physically active, or more intellectually challenging activities, each built on a foundation of fun. Free of the normal workplace setting and hierarchies, these activities create trust, develop understanding, improve communication and get your people to work as the team you’ve always wanted.

Mighty Planks Challenge

The ski plank challenge is a classic team building activity, that evolved into a series of interconnected challenges, all to do with planks. Each stage gets you closer to the treasure and reward. The activities tap into a variety of skills including leadership styles, logic and creativity.  POA

Nostalgia Games

Nostalgia improves mood and increases social connectedness and your sense of regard for others. It’s also known to stimulate creativity as well as team conversation and connection. There are roles for active and passive participants and team members are encouraged to take part at a level that suits them.  POA 

Quizzi Do

This Amazing Race-inspired challenge combines a quiz with mini-team challenges on a route around the venue grounds. Teams look for clues and complete a variety of tasks and challenges. The challenge is designed uniquely for the venue you choose and branded for your company with a quiz about your business.  POA

Top Team Challenge

This is a multi-activity, round-robin event with activity stations. Some are physical, some not. Along the way, groups will get to face off against different teams each time. The range of activities includes the likes of Tug O’War, Rugby Punting, Fling It!, Pocket Shot, Giant Kerplunk and more.  POA

Croquembouche Challenge

Imagine the chaos in the kitchen – the pastry chef has called in sick and you have to make the dessert! Teams work together and against each other to build their very own Croquembouche towering dessert against the clock – they have 30 minutes. Whether it stands or falls will all come down to teamwork.  POA


Archery has its roots in ancient times. Our modern compound bows bring it into the 21st century for people of all sizes, ages and abilities. Our professional facilitators are experts and will coach you to hit the bullseye, in a safe and fun environment. (Available at Abel Estate only)  POA

Fling It Darling

A veritable variety of things to fling that allows your team to bond together at a venue or public space. But there’s more to these challenges, as they are not what they might first seem. None of them is possible without clear teamwork and communication. The most united teams will come out on top.  POA

Yoga, Mindfulness

Try a calming, easy yoga practice under the guidance of a professional. Sessions include two or three short vinyasas with mindfulness or breathing exercises in between. Through the session, your team will learn the relevance of switching between high-intensity activity and restfulness.  POA

What Clients say about Let Me Out

“So easy to deal with, always available and very accommodating. Highly recommended.”

Automobile Association

“Just wanted to send a really big THANK YOU…Thank
you for making it so easy for us”

Dongfeng Volvo Ocean Race Team

“Great organisation, friendly people and so much fun. You are awesome!

ASB Bank

Add lunch Or Dinner

The perfect accompaniment to a day of team building activities is a team lunch or dinner where participants can exchange “war stories” and celebrate their successes, perhaps with a prize giving.

There’s a range of dining options, from a delegate-style lunch you might expect at a conference, to a quality seated meal served family-style, plated or as a buffet.

We have a big selection of non-alcoholic drinks as well as alcoholic options. These can be included in a package, included in a bar tab, or bought by participants on the day.

We can also include a photo booth, projector and audio options – even arrange for a professional photographer to take pictures of the day’s events for your staff newsletter, social or website.


Combine With Your Xmas Party

Simply Events creates fun Christmas parties where everything’s taken care of, from the food and drink to the music and decorations.

Companies and organisations often take the opportunity to add in team building games so participants have some variety in the day and build an appetite.

You can choose to have your activities in the morning, followed by lunch, or start a bit later and end with dinner, music and dancing.

Decoration packages include table decorations, signs and a selection of giant blow-up Santas. We can also arrange for a professional photographer to take pics of the festivities for your staff newsletter, social or website.



Beautiful West Auckland offers a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, just half an hour from downtown.

Tui Hills

Nestled in the bush of the Waitakere Ranges on Scenic Drive, Tui Hills is a secluded slice of heaven with New Zealand style and kiwi hospitality.

Abel Estate

This former vineyard estate is just outside Kumeu in West Auckland’s wine region. There are expansive grounds, grapevines and a private lake.


There’s a wide selection of hire items. Most are held on-site, which means a saving on delivery fees. All hire/service costs are included in the detailed online proposal we send you.


Ceiling or table mounted
Use a wall or freestand screen


Blue tooth speaker & microphone
Sound system also available


Multi-camera service available
Video can be mixed live


PR or social media images by
one of our photographers


It’s never too soon (or too late) to make your team the best it can be. Click below to find out more about holding a great team building event with Simply Events and Let Me Out, including prices.

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